Our self-improvement programmes are proven to boost
staff morale
and productivity

We help your people bring their whole self into work.

 Our programmes are proven to increase job performance by over 55%

You can tell who attended Life Clubs – we’re the ones with a smile on our face! 

Those who know, do. Those that understand manage.


With apologies to Aristotle

When the mind is happy, productivity follows like a shadow.


With apologies to Buddha

If you want to change your team start by changing yourself


With apologies to Confucius

The unexamined career is not worth having.


With apologies to Socrates

Francis Briers      




Francis has worked as a facilitator with groups and individuals for over ten years, ranging from students to CEO’s.

He has also held management and L&D positions in the retail and financial services industries.

Since going freelance, Francis has worked with companies in financial services, PR,

health and beauty, technology, architecture, executive education, publishing and sustainability as well as with several charities.