Our self-improvement programmes are proven to boost
staff morale
and productivity

We help your people bring their whole self into work.

 Our programmes are proven to increase job performance by over 55%

You can tell who attended Life Clubs – we’re the ones with a smile on our face! 

Those who know, do. Those that understand manage.


With apologies to Aristotle

When the mind is happy, productivity follows like a shadow.


With apologies to Buddha

If you want to change your team start by changing yourself


With apologies to Confucius

The unexamined career is not worth having.


With apologies to Socrates


Together with you, we choose the host we think will be a good fit for your organisation.

We currently have hosts around the UK and in Canada, Singapore and the UAE.

Click on a photo below to read about each of our Life Clubs at Work hosts.

                           Francis Briers       Susie Burdekin        Todd Eden

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                Karen Foundling     Tracey Hutchinson     Lynne Irwin
                          Maurits Kalff            Rupinder Kaur          Jodie Lloyd



                  Julia Lloyd-Evans      Ruth Needham      Sheena Rogers
        Jen Rolfe
As Life Clubs grows, our team grows. If you'd like to be one of our Hosts, do get in touch.